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Best Place to Learn Youtube and Content Creation is

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skillshare is an online learning community which enables learning and improves our skills. If you are a youtuber or content creator, Jerry Mura’s illustration class and Jordi Vandeput’s basic premiere pro video editing class will greatly improve the creativity of your videos. Have a look on Thomas Dagger’s class on storytelling through film which talks about how to create engaging videos for youtube as an education and information channel.

As content devoloper or youtuber, you must present even the most mundane facts in the most interesting manner possible in order to engage our audience and this class will help you a lot to understand the principles behind that and that too from an industry expert himself you can learn how to build compelling narratives and create a sense of thrill in order to engage the audience better in order to make them stately the end.

Skillshare has experts on every possible topic out there and you can learn on the go and get an opportunity to engage with people from all across the world with similar interests and share your projects with them skillshare’s annual subscription cost only $2 per month which is lesser than the price of a Starbucks coffee.

Still the monthly subscription is applied to maintain the ads free platform, still you can learn lot courses for free.

Please follow below link to see the list of free courses listed on SkillShare